Friday, October 20, 2017


This week in...
Reading we:
  • Had our first official meeting with our first grade reading buddies!!!

  • We spent some time this week learning about how the picture AND the first letter are big clues when finding out the word on the page.
  • New popcorn words: can, see
  • New letters: c, o

Bippity Boppity Boo 
A bat flew over you
Bippety Boppity Bee
A bat flew over me
Bippity Boppity *Bohn
A bat flew over *John!

Writing we:
  • Started our "Looking Closely" writing unit.   We learn how to write like scientist by observing objects closely, drawing what we see, labeling and writing about it. 

Math we:
  • Learned about tricky teen numbers
  • Played tricky teen BINGO
  • Practiced counting on with 2 dice.  Say one number and count on from there with the second dice.

WE HAD A FUN DAY AT THE FARM...Unfortunately, I didn't take many pictures :(!

Friday, October 13, 2017


This week in...
Reading we:
  • Added our first popcorn words to the word wall.  Ask your children why they are called popcorn words.  
is, mom, dad, love, you, me 
  • We added a song to our poem folder that teaches us how to spell the last 5 words

  • For 2 days we talked about fun ways to interact with our books.  One being acting our book out.  The kids had fun trying it out and I had fun watching all the smiles. Here is a snip-it...

Writing we:

  • Your kids are coming home with a story they wrote about our trip to the fire station.  Please have them share it with you.  We wrote 1 page a day together at the meeting spot and then off to try on their own.  They all worked really hard on it.   Some examples of reinforcing compliments to give:
"Your story makes a lot of sense!"
"Your pictures match your words!"
"Look at all the words/letters you wrote!"
"You really stayed on's all about your field trip!"
"Your story has a beginning, middle, and end!"

Math we:
  • Made shape collages

Played dot card top-it (war).  Introduced language such as greater, less. more, fewer


Practice at home:
Try spelling little words instead of saying them.

For example,
  • Turn the lights o-f-f 
  • I   l-o-v-e     you
  • G-o   to bed! :) 

Coming up: Field trip to Wolfe's Neck Farm--Wednesday!

Thursday, October 5, 2017


This week in...

Reading we:
  • Practiced 1:1 correspondence with a new book "Where Are We?".  Developing the habit of pointing while you read is a critical skill as your kindergartener begins their journey into reading!
  • Added an apple poem to our poetry folders
  • Continued to discuss what makes a good choice book for me when "shopping" for new books in the classroom
Writing we:
  • Made scientific drawings of butterflies--After getting "feedback" from our writing partners about our first draft, we listened to their advice and completed a second, more accurate drawing of a Painted Lady butterfly.  We did a lot of noticing and adding detail.  We then added color and labels. It took us all week.  Final drafts coming home today.

Math we:
  • Talked about the difference between repeating patterns and growing patterns
  • Described and compared shapes 
  • Learned how to cross things out as you count them on a page
  • Built a 5 staircase with Cuisenaire Rods and played "Which one is missing?"


  • Our butterflies hatched!  Even the chrysalises that fell were safe and sound!   Yea!

Practice at home:
  • Count forward and backward (from random numbers)
  • Remind your child of things that have happened in their lives that they can write stories about at school
  • Spray shaving cream on the counter and have your children practice writing their letters and numbers in it.  Clean counters and learning all in one!

Friday, September 29, 2017

Open House


This week in:

Reading we...
  • Got reading partners

  • Learned how to "make a plan"
  • Discussed books we would want to be in and books we would NOT want to be in
  • Learned that pictures give clues
  • Pointed and read a pattern book called "Daisy the Pirate".  Everyone got a copy for their book bins 
  • Had a special guest reader, Dr, Dolloff!

Writing we...
  • Made a Who Took the Cookie From the Cookie Jar? class book 
  • Discussed how to put a booklet together
  • Sorted story pages
  • Read Ralph Writes a Story
  • Introduced how to use the alphabet chart to help us write
Math we...
  • Played "under the rug"--a game in which you have 5 objects on top of a "rug" (you can use anything).   Player 1 hides some of the objects under the "rug".  Player 2 figures out how many objects are under the rug by looking at how many are left on top.  Great game to play at a restaurant.  Use sugar packets and call it "Under the Napkin!"  Increase the number as they gain understanding.
  • Played a dot card memory game
  • Introduced the 5 frame
  • Made a how old are you graph 

 Our caterpillars are in their chrysalises.  We had a little accident, but we are waiting to see what happens!  Fingers crossed!

A painted lady butterfly was spotted on the playground!

Friday, September 22, 2017


This week in :

  • Started Reader's Workshop--Reader's Workshop is a time when reader's are spending time with books and practicing strategies that I have taught them through my mini lessons.  This week we learned that there are 3 ways to read a book.
  • Talked about what good reader's look and sound like.
  • Introduced letters t, f, b, n
  • Made a class book, I LOVE MY SCHOOL SHOES!
  •  Started Writer's Workshop--Similar to reader's workshop, but writing.  Writer's have been drawing pictures and practicing adding details to picture to make them more interesting.  We are writing about true stories.  Here's a picture we drew all together by adding detail by detail.  Everyone had a turn.
    Got writing partners and writing spots.  Our writing partners are there to be our writing coaches when needed!
  • Did a math sheet using our new interactive whiteboards!  SO FUN!
  • Practiced careful counting
  • Played a symmetry game with pattern blocks
  • Practiced numeral writing--all numbers have been introduced now and have a rhyme to go with them.
  • Introduced Geoboards and Cuisenairre rods
  • Multisensory counting--I dropped coins into a tin can and children had to count with their eyes closed

  • Monday is Open House 
  • Family Collage project due Monday!  You can bring it to Open House.
  • Tuesday is picture day
  • I will need a baby picture of everyone for our birthday bag Guess Who? game.  Send it to me via email or folder.  
  • We had our first guidance lesson
  • Friday is Library---Return your books day!
  • Brainstorm ideas for your kindergarten to write about during writer's workshop.  Things that have happened to him/her.  Big or Little.  
  • Ask your child if they can remember any of the rhymes that go with writing the numbers 
  • Do multisensory counts at home