Friday, May 5, 2017


This week in....

Reading we:
  • Discussed having an opinion about a book
  • Rated our books with 1, 2, or 3 stars
  • Recommended and lent books to our reading partners
  • Did a popcorn word jumble activity 
  • Read Elephant and Piggie books to prepare us for the play on Monday
  • Learned about Bossy "e"!

Writing we:
  • Spent the week writing opinions.  Here were some of our topics:
    • Should the boy step on the ant?  Prompted by the book "Hey, Little Ant"
    • Should the Pigeon Drive the Bus. Prompted by the book...:0
    • Do you like tomatoes?
    • What's the best pet? 
    • Book reviews
  • Started small moments again
    • stretched out the middle of our stories
    • discussed how to end our stories
    • noticed many small moment stories have people talking in them
    • learned how to change the eyebrows and mouth on the people in our pictures to show feeling

Math we:
  • Played a dice subtraction game
  • Made triangles using other shapes.  We had a discussion/challenge on weather you could make one using a square as one of the shapes.  We concluded the answer was "no".
  • Learned and practiced a new app called ADDIMALS
  • Played a +1 dice game
  • Used positional words to describe a shape design we made to our partner to see how closely they could match it and then revealed!  Fun game to play at home!


  • Surveyed and graphed "Would you like to have a bird on your head?" (Elephant and Piggie story)
  • Played a doubles game

  • Celebrated our Lunch Heroes by making the a sign we hung in the cafeteria!  Thank you to Ms. Barb and Ms. Nancy for all you do to keep our kids healthy, trying new foods, and making lunchtime so fun and festive!
  • Community Services is running a Reading and Writing Summer Camp for Rowe Students only from July 31-August 11 at Rowe School!  Most children regress in the summer.  This is a perfect way to keep the reading going with some fun summer reading and projects.
  • Field trip Monday to Merrill Auditorium
  • Arbor Day Celebration May 19

Kindergarten Funny:
I want to be a mathmagician when I grow up.

Thursday, April 13, 2017


This week in
Reading we...
  • Compared and contrasted books.
  • Learned that "when 2 vowels go awalking, the first one does the talking!"
  • Poem of the week "SPRING SONG"

Writing we...
  • Created and celebrated ALL ABOUT POSTERS (coming home today!) 
  • We celebrated my going around and posting compliments on each others posters.  So fun!

Math we...
  • Counted 10s and 1s
  • Made a number story book
  • Came up with a survey question and surveyed our friends
  • Played counting backwards ZAP

The highlight of the week was the LIGHT LAB on Monday.  The children went to five different stations to predict, test, observe and conclude!  The conclusions from the five stations were...
1. Light can bend
2. You need light to see objects
3. Light can bounce
4. Light can go through some objects
5. Light is made of colors

Here is a little taste of your scientists at work!


Friday, March 31, 2017


This week in
Reading we...
  • Worked on the sounds oo (oodily oo's) and ee (eedily ee's) 
  • Sorted reading strategies we thought we were experts in and ones that we thought we could use a little practice on
  • Learned about periods, question marks and exclamation marks
  • We are listening to The Boxcar Children during brain vacation.  I occasionally act out the book while they are listening to guide their visualization.
  • Made a popcorn word game board (coming home today)  

Writing we...
  • Wrote All About Me stories 
  • We spent several days learning about the table of contents.  Many writer's choose to write books with a table of contents and did a great job!  I talked about how it is like planning your book before writing it.  
  • Chose a non-fiction book feature to add to our books

Math we
  • Painted symmetrical irises
  • Played an addition game adding +0, +1, +2
  • Played a doubles addition game (sent home)
  • Used graph paper to record turn around facts

  • We made this chart at the beginning of the month.  Lions win!  :(

  • Guidance this week was about "What Makes a Good Friend" 
  • Had a special artist come to art class who taught us how to papier mache

Practice at home:
  • Play the popcorn word game that is coming home today
  • Read or watch non-fiction videos.  See if you can remember 5 facts.  If you can you are an expert and you can write a book about it in kindergarten!

Friday, March 17, 2017


We started out week with an absolutely fabulous field trip to Whittemore Farm.  Steve Dugas taught us all (adults included) everything we wanted to know about maple sugaring.  At home, I hope you were all able to reap the benefits by tasting the delicious syrup that was given to each child. Thank you Mr. Dugas for offering your time and knowledge to provide a wonderful experience for the kids! Here are some pics from the trip!

In Writing we...
  • Did some buddy writing.  We wrote 2 All About books together. 
  • If I were a Leprechaun.... 
In Math...
  • Learned about turn around facts  (2+3=5  so 3+2=5)
  • Practiced "Friends of 10" (combinations of 10)