Friday, December 1, 2017


THis week in...

Reading we:
  • have been introduced to the following members of the reading super power team.  The members I have introduced thus far are...
Image result for owl eyes readingImage result for owl eyes readingImage result for owl eyes reading

  • worked on vowel sounds
  • new letters--p, h, r, k
  • new popcorn words--at, and, am

Writing we:
  • are swimming in writing pattern books--pattern books are simple books that have a word pattern on each page and only 1 or 2 words change.  They are also the type of books the children are reading right now. They are great at helping writers learn to spell their popcorn words correctly.
  • worked on putting spaces between words.
  • discussed what to do when you make a mistake.
  • learned about getting ideas from each other and from the books we read.
Math we:
  • introduced the word "sum" and played Find the Sum.
  • played a spin a number game.
  • made hexagons in multiple ways.

  • counted by 10s .
  • counted by 10s from random numbers.
  • played a double ten frame game.
  • during calendar we are discussing the different types of equations.



Practice at home:
  • +1 and +0 facts
  • number stories (aka: word problems) Have your children tell you whether your story is a join (+) or take away (-) number story.
  • estimating

Thursday, November 9, 2017


This week in:
Reading we--
  • Talked about what good buddy reading looks like
  • Read Dex, The Heart of the Hero, and discussed that, as readers, we have reading superpowers just like real superheros.  To build our reading muscles and stamina, we need to use our reading superpowers.

  • New popcorn words: like, to 

Writing we--
  • Wrapped up our Looking Closely unit
  • Practiced counting words in sentences
  • Continued learning about syllables and how it helps us write words 

Math we --
  • Introduced the 10 frame
  • Made 10 frame turkeys
  • Gareth taught us a domino game that he invented!  It reminded me of Qwirkle.  We all played and loved it!  Thanks Gareth!

Practice at home:
As I hand out the popcorn words at conferences, I wanted to share with you ideas I have pinned on my sight word board on pinterest.  Obviously there are many more ideas to choose from, but I thought I'd get you started with these, if you're interested.

Friday, November 3, 2017


This week in...
Reading we: 
  • Retelling is one of the skills we work on throughout the year in kindergarten.  I hope everyone was able to hear their child retell the Big Pumpkin Story.  They all did a nice job in school.
  • We started "shopping" for leveled books this week.  
  • Introduced syllables and did an activity about how many syllables are in our names
  • Tried to figure out the main idea of some of our books 
  • New popcorn word: the  
        • Have your kids sing you--"You can say the and you can say the (long e), but you always spell it t-h-e"
  • New letters: d, s, g, a
Writing we:
  • Learned how to zoom in really close on one part of an object. 
  • Tapping out words
  • Went for a nature walk to find items to look closely at.  Thank you to everyone who sent in objects
Math we:
  • Learned about the tricky teens.  All teens start with the number 1....
and why are 11, 12 and 13 not called oneteen, twoteen, and threeteen?!?!  It really makes my job more challenging. :)
  • Played a guess my number on the class number grid.  Played like twenty questions.  Children asked questions about numbers such as, "Does it have a 2 in it?" or "Is it less than 50?" and I eliminated numbers until the number was revealed.
  • What comes next? counting activity
  • Counting by 10s
Practice at home:
  • Counting by 10s.  Count by random numbers for a challenge
  • Clap out syllables in words.  Words with only one syllable are the trickiest

Friday, October 20, 2017


This week in...
Reading we:
  • Had our first official meeting with our first grade reading buddies!!!

  • We spent some time this week learning about how the picture AND the first letter are big clues when finding out the word on the page.
  • New popcorn words: can, see
  • New letters: c, o

Bippity Boppity Boo 
A bat flew over you
Bippety Boppity Bee
A bat flew over me
Bippity Boppity *Bohn
A bat flew over *John!

Writing we:
  • Started our "Looking Closely" writing unit.   We learn how to write like scientist by observing objects closely, drawing what we see, labeling and writing about it. 

Math we:
  • Learned about tricky teen numbers
  • Played tricky teen BINGO
  • Practiced counting on with 2 dice.  Say one number and count on from there with the second dice.

WE HAD A FUN DAY AT THE FARM...Unfortunately, I didn't take many pictures :(!

Friday, October 13, 2017


This week in...
Reading we:
  • Added our first popcorn words to the word wall.  Ask your children why they are called popcorn words.  
is, mom, dad, love, you, me 
  • We added a song to our poem folder that teaches us how to spell the last 5 words

  • For 2 days we talked about fun ways to interact with our books.  One being acting our book out.  The kids had fun trying it out and I had fun watching all the smiles. Here is a snip-it...

Writing we:

  • Your kids are coming home with a story they wrote about our trip to the fire station.  Please have them share it with you.  We wrote 1 page a day together at the meeting spot and then off to try on their own.  They all worked really hard on it.   Some examples of reinforcing compliments to give:
"Your story makes a lot of sense!"
"Your pictures match your words!"
"Look at all the words/letters you wrote!"
"You really stayed on's all about your field trip!"
"Your story has a beginning, middle, and end!"

Math we:
  • Made shape collages

Played dot card top-it (war).  Introduced language such as greater, less. more, fewer

Practice at home:
Try spelling little words instead of saying them.

For example,
  • Turn the lights o-f-f 
  • I   l-o-v-e     you
  • G-o   to bed! :) 

Coming up: Field trip to Wolfe's Neck Farm--Wednesday!

Thursday, October 5, 2017


This week in...

Reading we:
  • Practiced 1:1 correspondence with a new book "Where Are We?".  Developing the habit of pointing while you read is a critical skill as your kindergartener begins their journey into reading!
  • Added an apple poem to our poetry folders
  • Continued to discuss what makes a good choice book for me when "shopping" for new books in the classroom
Writing we:
  • Made scientific drawings of butterflies--After getting "feedback" from our writing partners about our first draft, we listened to their advice and completed a second, more accurate drawing of a Painted Lady butterfly.  We did a lot of noticing and adding detail.  We then added color and labels. It took us all week.  Final drafts coming home today.

Math we:
  • Talked about the difference between repeating patterns and growing patterns
  • Described and compared shapes 
  • Learned how to cross things out as you count them on a page
  • Built a 5 staircase with Cuisenaire Rods and played "Which one is missing?"


  • Our butterflies hatched!  Even the chrysalises that fell were safe and sound!   Yea!

Practice at home:
  • Count forward and backward (from random numbers)
  • Remind your child of things that have happened in their lives that they can write stories about at school
  • Spray shaving cream on the counter and have your children practice writing their letters and numbers in it.  Clean counters and learning all in one!