Friday, February 10, 2017

3D Shapes I Know (solid shapes song- including sphere, cylinder, cube, c...

Buddy Reading Expectations

The Friends of 10 (Ten Frame Version)


This week in...

Reading we:
  • Continued to practice reading stamina.  Twenty minutes is our record!
  • Practiced different ways to partner read
  • Looked for -sh, -th, and -ch words
  • Got a refresher on what it looks and sounds like to partner read--aka being a "coach"
Writing we:
  • Learned how to edit using green pens
  • Practiced adding tips and warning into out how to books
  • Acted out our how to books to find out if we missed a step
  • Read some how to books by previous students and Ms. Melevsky
  • Brainstormed fancier words for "put"  
Math we:
  • Played hidden bears (combinations of 10)
  • Introduced 3 dimensional shapes
  • Played the disappearing train game
  • Discussed the minus sign and the words subtraction, take away and minus
  • Explored tangram puzzles
  • Worked on our number books 
Practice at home:
1.Estimating is a critical math skill.  Many children who have a strong number sense often have difficulty with estimating.  Keep this in the back of your mind and when the opportunity arises....ask your kids to estimate.  Other than estimating a group of objects, you can also think about this: what is 11+15 (adjust numbers accordingly for your children.  Make it a problem that they won't know the answer to immediately)?  Ask questions like:
What number do you think it is close to? Do you think it is more than ___? less than___?  Explain why?

2. Spell popcorn words out loud for you kids and see if the can visualize the word and name it.
Here are some of the trickier ones!
he                in                see                an
so                and            it                am   
can            like                up                do
we                on                you

Send in 100 pennies for YCAN!
Valentines day fancy snack is Tuesday

Friday, January 27, 2017


This week in:

Reading we...
  • Revisited what good readers do
  • Started a reading stamina chart
  • Sorted SH TH and CH words
  • Sorted song and short i

Writing we...
  • Talked about stretching out a page in our books
  • Picked new goals 
  • Learned that there is a vowel in EVERY syllable

Math we...
  • Practiced teens on double ten frames
  • Put the equals sign on the other side...12=10+2
  • Actual half way!
  • Snowman symmetry--finish the half drawn snowman
  • Worked on our Number books
We had some special 7th grade guests this week.  A few old student of mine game back to kindergarten to practice being teachers.  They planned and executed three, color themed stations for the students to rotate through.  So fun!

Practice at home...

Friday, January 20, 2017


This week in...

Reading we:
  • Learned A LOT about vowels!
  • Flippy Dolphin is the last reading strategy
  • Added this poem to our poem folder
Image result for Flippy Dolphin

Writing we:
  • Made writing goals 
  • Read "Song and Dance Man", a small moment story
  • Continued to practice and reinforce telling your story across the pages and planning it out

Math we:
  • Played a game called "Nim".  This was the game the children were playing on Seesaw.  It is a strategy game that is fun and easy to play!  Try it at home.
  • Played "The Growing Train Game"
  • Played "Addition Top-It"
  • Discussed the word HALF 
  • Mitten Math
  • Combinations of 10
  • Counted by 10 from random numbers

We had a community meeting about making the world a better place
Ms. Rancourt taught us about telling in and telling out
Our halfway day is next Wednesday!!!!

Practice at home:
Have your children...
  • sing you the vowel song
  • teach you how to play Nim 

When you have small moment experiences with your children say, "This would be a great story to write about at school!"

Friday, January 13, 2017


In reading we...
  • Learned how to use the following reading strategies when stuck on a word
 Image result for tryin lion reading strategyImage result for chunky monkey reading strategiesImage result for skippy frog reading strategyImage result for helpful kangaroo reading

  • Played popcorn word games
  •  Made a "Where is my Mitten" book
  • Added a poem to our poem folder "The Snowman Cheer"

In writing we...
  • Discussed that good writers add feeling words
  • Talked about stretching out the details
  • You can fancy up your illustrations and your words!

In math we...
  • Practiced proving if a number story was right or wrong with pictures and words
  • Described and drew shapes free hand and with a template and compared which was easier
  • Made shape snowflakes
  • Finished our Months of the Year activity
  • Played "Zap" counting backwards from 20
  • Counted on from random numbers

Here's the song we sang...

  • We planted fast plants and put one under a grow light, one in the window and one covered with black felt.  We made observations and asked questions.