Friday, March 17, 2017


We started out week with an absolutely fabulous field trip to Whittemore Farm.  Steve Dugas taught us all (adults included) everything we wanted to know about maple sugaring.  At home, I hope you were all able to reap the benefits by tasting the delicious syrup that was given to each child. Thank you Mr. Dugas for offering your time and knowledge to provide a wonderful experience for the kids! Here are some pics from the trip!

In Writing we...
  • Did some buddy writing.  We wrote 2 All About books together. 
  • If I were a Leprechaun.... 
In Math...
  • Learned about turn around facts  (2+3=5  so 3+2=5)
  • Practiced "Friends of 10" (combinations of 10)

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Friday, March 10, 2017


This week in...
  • Went on a scavenger hunt in non-fiction book looking for non-fiction book features such as labels, close-ups, captions and bold words.   
  • Compared 2 non-fiction books about bears
  • Practiced naming important words from a book
  • Learned how to do the four finger flip trick after reading a book.  Can you remember four things that happened in your book (without peeking!)?

We spent most of the week publishing our How To books.  The writers worked extremely hard, using their neatest handwriting, and 5 star pictures to complete a published book.
They will be hanging in the hallway. If you are in the building make a trip down to see them!

  • Learned that there are join (+) and take away (-) number stories.
  • Learned that number stories end with a question
  • ....Learned what a question was :) 
  • Played a train game with attribute blocks (adding a block to the train that has only 1 different attribute from the one before)
  •  Game day Friday

Coming up...
  • Monday is our field trip to Whittemore Farm for maple sugaring.  If you haven't sent in your permission slip, send it on Monday or email me permission. Have students wear boots and dress warm. We'll be outside! Thank you Dugas Family!
  • Next week we'll be starting ALL ABOUT books aka non-fiction writing.  A homework will come home next week to list some things your child is an "expert" on (knows at least 5 things about).  HOW TO books coming home today!

Friday, March 3, 2017


This week in...

Reading we:
  • Compared Fiction and Non-fiction texts
  • Took a trip to the library to pick out a non-fiction book
  • Learned about /ou/ and /ow/ chunks
  • Got new reading buddies
  • Practiced reading chorally

 Writing we:
  • Learned how to zoom in on a picture
  • Talked about turning our vacation experiences into how to books
  • Got reminders about editing and fixing our books up
  • Are getting excited about publishing a how to book next week
  • Did a Dr. Seuss Write Around the Room with popcorn word list B words

Math we:
  • Played "Guess my shape" (see above)
  • Played top it with double digit numbers
  • Did a careful counting Dr. Seuss activity
  • Listened to and practiced The Doubles Rap Song
  • Did an estimation activity
  • Had Friday Game Day! Keep playing strategy games at home!

Practice at home:
  • Write popcorn words on Jenga pieces
  • Write popcorn words on paper cups and hide an object under one of them. Have your child read the word on the cup until he/she finds it.

  • Put number cards in order from least to greatest